kiteboard lessons

You will learn to surf with our own 18-step method, which ensures that you will learn as quickly as possible.

kiteboard RENTAL

We offer kitesurfing equipment rental for people who already have experience


We have accommodation in hammocks or in private rooms according to your preference.


We provide the transportation and collection service to make your arrival easier.


Full food service: breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also have a Bar service from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

All inclusive

5 days of surf camp: 4 nights, with food, Wi-Fi, kitesurfing classes, medical insurance and accommodation included.

Kitesurfing colombia guajira cabo de la vela

The 18 Step Method

We believe only perfect practice makes perfection, so all our instructors guide students with our own structured 18 Step teaching method, to ensure you learn as safe and as fast as possible.  We offer classes in Spanish, English and some Hebrew.
With us on average, it takes a beginner 3 to 5 hours to get on the board for the first time. To be able to ride autonomously you should plan for 10 hours of lessons.

While comparing prices keep in mind, that cheaper usually turns out to be more expensive, especially in the world of extreme sports.

Andres Moncanut




If you already know how to ride and just need (part of) the equipment, you can rent them for competitive prices. 

We have 70+ Kites for you to choose from. For years now we’ve been working with world class kites from the german brand CORE KITES, but other brands include Ozone, Duotone and Slingshot. Out harnesses are from MYSTIC and our boards are CORE, NOBILE, OZONE, TAKOON, OCEAN RODEO, CABRINHA, NAISH.

You can choose the kite, board and harness of your preference and exchange at any time you wish due to weather and wind conditions or just if you want to try the sensations of different gear.




ACOMMODATIOSN FOR kitesurfing IN colombia


If you are travelling on a budget  or want to experience the indegenous culture, we offer Wayuu hammocks (which are the biggest, most comfortable hammocks out there) in «enrramadas» (open spaces). You can choose the place for your hammock, either directly on the beach or anywhere in our 3 story hostel building.

If you prefer a closed space, we also offer dorm rooms on the beach.

Hammocks 5 usd/ night per person or wayuu «chinchorro» 8usd/night per person.



Private Rooms

We have private rooms with a private bathroom in the hostel house as well.

Room 15 usd/ night per person.

Alojamiento kitesrufing en colombia

transport FOR kitesurf cabo de la vela

We have 4×4 jeeps with which we can coordinate the collection from Santa Marta, Rioacha, Maicao or from 4 roads to Uribia. At Uribira we are waiting for you with our 4×4 jeeps to take you to school with very fair and competitive rates.

Private transportation service for groups of 4 and up.

Or we can advise you and help you manage your transfer with ordinary means of transport in case you come alone or with less than 4 people.

restaurantT AND bar kitesurf la guajira

Vegetarian options

We have a variety of vegetarian options, ask our chef about the fresh vegetables available and he will provide you with a delicious and healthy dish.


Arepas with scrambled eggs, waffles or French toast optional accompaniment with seasonal fruits.


Colombian coffee, fresh fruits, cold water, sodas, energy drinks, a variety of beers.


Vegetables, fresh fish or chicken served with Thai salad, rice and patacon, or spaghetti.

Fresh lobster: it can be served in 3 different ways: in its shell, as a delicious stew or with pasta.

Full meal plan 25 usd/day per person


Passionate about sports and adventure in harmony with the community, we have more than 10 years of experience and created the 18-step method so that you can learn this fascinating sport in the safest and fastest way.

  • Lessons
  • Equipment rental
  • Acommodation
  • Transport 
  • Feeding
  • All-inclusive plans



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